Our curriculum is designed to reflect our vision ‘Be Brave, Be Bright, Be You’

Be Brave 

Be brave enough to attempt new things
Be brave enough to make mistakes
Be brave enough to ask questions
Be brave enough to use your knowledge to help others

Be Bright 

Know what you are good at
Celebrate your achievements
Always do you best
You can do anything you put your mind to

Be You 

Be proud of who you are
Be proud to be part of a community
Understand not everyone is the same and celebrate our differences
Find your strengths and know what you need help with

At Monkwray Junior School we aim to provide opportunities so children leave enthusiastic with a thirst for lifelong learning. We are passionate about raising the aspirations of our local community and our curriculum provides opportunities for children to aim high and reach their goals. Our curriculum is a window into the wider world for some children who may have had limited experiences of the wider community.

We strive to provide a curriculum which offers life experiences to give all children an equal chance of success. We have carefully designed a curriculum which takes account of the varied backgrounds of the children in our community and strives to inspire children to become independent and proactive learners, ready to approach their future with an inquisitive and determined mind. Most importantly we strive to never give up on a child that walks through our doors.

It is of great importance that the children at Monkwray Junior School leave prepared for the wider world and its many challenges. The spiritual, moral, social and cultural activities which run throughout the curriculum aim to make children proud to be British and celebrate the diverse society in our country.

Our curriculum is designed for children to gain knowledge and build on their previous skills to give a deeper understanding of how to progress. We plan opportunities for children to revisit skills regularly throughout their learning journey at Monkwray. Opportunities are planned to allow children to be reflective learners, identifying their own mistakes and working to correct them through perseverance.

If you would like to find out more about the exciting curriculum opportunities at Monkwray you can take a look at our learning journeys for each year group which give an overview of what is covered in each year group and the sequences of learning which give a detailed overview of the progression in each year group and subject.