School Meals

‘Popular’ school meals are available for the children. The meals are cooked on the premises and are of a very good standard. Our school cook and her team have designed a rotating 3 week menu from which you and your child will be able to select his/her main meal each day. You will be able to select:

1. either of the hot meal options

2. a baguette – with cheese or ham or tuna mayonnaise or egg mayonnaise plus smiles or salad

3. a salad, either cheese ploughman or ham or tuna

4. a baked potato either cheese or ham or tuna mayonnaise or egg mayonnaise

5. the hot meal option plus a plain baked potato or salad

As a result of this system we will be able to offer your son/daughter exactly what they would like each day, rather than having to select from what is available at the servery.

The staff on dinner duty make every effort to encourage the children to eat their lunch, while at the same time being aware that not everyone likes everything that is provided. Children are encouraged to sample food they are not certain about, especially vegetables, with the proviso that they can leave it if they find it not to their taste. Every effort is made to ensure that lunchtime is a social occasion with children sitting and talking in a quiet manner to their friends. Good table manners are also encouraged. Dinner money is collected each Monday morning only, but after a period of absence it can be brought to school on the day of return.

Parents wishing their children to change their lunchtime arrangements (either to join or withdraw from school meals) should give notice in writing at least one week in advance. (Emergencies excepted).

Children who prefer to, may bring sandwiches though they are required to bring their own drink. We are encouraging children, as part of our ‘Healthy Schools’ initiative, to take a healthy packed lunch without crisps, chocolate biscuits and fizzy drinks.

As you will appreciate, responsibility cannot be accepted for lost food or damaged containers; breakable containers are not recommended.

Free School Meals

If parents feel that their child may be entitled to free school meals, application forms are available from the headteacher. If none are available in school, parents can obtain a form from Union Hall, Whitehaven.