School Uniform

Following a Parental and student consultation, the decision was made to have the following items as our uniform:

– White or navy Polo shirt with or without school badge.
– Navy sweatshirt or cardigan with or without school badge.
– Black, grey or navy trousers or skirt or Pinafore (not jogging pants or leggings)

Any of the above items should not have a logo or slogan on them e.g. Puma, Nike, Adidas etc.

Some parents liked the idea of navy, therefore, although it can sometimes be a difficult colour to find, it is included it in the colour options.

School has a collection of pre-loved uniform that is free to anyone. Please contact the school office to come and have a look.

Pre-loved uniform is always  put out for Parents’ Meetings, Coffee & Chat and other school events- please help yourself.

In warmer weather, the following uniform is acceptable:
– Girls — blue and white checked dresses
– Boys and girls — Plain black, grey or navy knee length shorts with no slogans or logos on them.

School shoes are optional, but footwear should be practical.

Jewellery — a watch is fine to wear, earrings should be small stud like in appearance. Earrings must be taken out for PE and covering with plasters is not an option. No other jewellery is allowed due to Health and Safety guidance.

Nail varnish- Nail varnish and nail extensions are not part of our school uniform and should not be worn for school as these are not practical for PE or hands on activities.

All children are expected to change for PE/Games lessons, irrespective of whether they are held in or out of doors. PE uniform is:

– Black shorts
– White T shirt
– Grey sweatshirt/hoodie
– Grey tracksuit bottoms
– No logos e.g Puma, Adidas or stripes please

Shorts must be brought into school as if it is wet, PE will be in the Hall where it gets very hot so tracksuit bottoms may not be comfortable.

Could we please request that names are put into all items of clothing as these are very expensive and will be given back to the owner if lost if they have a name in.

Children should take earrings out for PE & Swimming. If they do not take them out they will not be allowed to take part and will be given other work to do.

All children in school have a swimming lesson at Copeland Pool. All children are expected to participate in this activity unless there are exceptional circumstances which prevent them from doing so on a regular basis. If there are occasions when it is advisable that a child does not go into the baths because of a minor ailment, please inform school by either telephoning or sending a note.

The following guidelines, which have been issued to schools by the PE Adviser, apply to swimming.

a) Each child should bring a towel, swimming costume, comb, handkerchief, warm clothes and waterproof container to carry wet apparel.

b) Pupils with long hair should wear a bathing cap. No child will be allowed to enter the pool with severe colds, cuts septic spots, ear complaints, athlete’s foot, verrucae (unless verrucae socks are worn) or if advised by a doctor not to do so.

c) Costumes or trunks should not be worn to come to the pool and children should change on arrival. Clothing other than proper swimming costumes or trunks will not be permitted unless specifically requested (i.e. life-saving training).

d) Jewellery MUST NOT be worn in the water or on the poolside (eg watches, rings and earrings).

e) Children should use the lockers where provided for the safe-keeping of their clothes. (Clothes are not to be left in cubicles or loose on pegs).

f) The owners of the pool accept no responsibility for the safe-keeping of children’s clothes and personal possessions – as there could possibly be members of the public using the changing rooms at the same time.

g) The wearing of goggles will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances and only if accompanied by a medical certificate or parents note.

For any PE activities the wearing of jewellery will not be allowed as it is quite easy for items of jewellery to become caught in apparatus, which can lead, for instance, to ear lobes being torn if earrings are worn. To avoid such unnecessary accidents all children, before participating in organised physical activities, are asked to remove any jewellery, which they are wearing. In addition, please note the following points:

If parents wish to have their child’s ears pierced, it would be helpful if they try to have this done at the beginning of the long summer holiday when they will have time to heal up. All earrings must be removed before swimming lessons and PE lessons – with the following exception – if children cannot remove ear-rings for PE because they have just been pierced they must:-

a) Bring to school with them, from home, an adhesive plaster to cover the earrings during PE activities for the time they cannot be removed. They will be encouraged to apply the adhesive plasters to their own ears. As soon as they can be removed safely for PE, they should be.

b) No ‘dangly’ type earrings should ever be worn for school. If ears are pierced, they should be studs. Parents should also note that nose studs and other items of ‘body piercing jewellery’ are not regarded as being suitable for primary age and should not be worn for school.