Year 4

In Year 4, there are 2 teachers- Mrs Hodgson and  Mrs Johnston

Mrs Hodgson teaches the children Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Johnston teaches on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning. Friday afternoons are shared on an alternate basis. Mrs Edgar, Mrs Sharpe and Mr Carey work in class everyday supporting children in their learning, delivering small group and 1-1 sessions with targeted children.

We are an enthusiastic team with different passions. Mrs Johnston loves to teach Science and PE along with reading a good book or poem to the class. Mrs Hodgson is our passionate reader in Year 4 and delights in sharing her book recommendations with all the children. She is very musical and certainly shares her passion and talent with the children.  Our shared high expectations in Year 4, help us to pass on our enthusiasm for learning to those in our class.

Mrs Hodgson

I always find it hard to talk about my favourite subjects in school because I love all of them! The best part of any subject is watching children ‘click’ when they finally understand something that they hadn’t previously. The learning journey of every child is always a pleasure to be a part of. My own personal interests are reading, going on long walks, listening to music and spending time with my own family. I love to give our children the opportunity to have experiences where they can find their own personal interests and throughout the year we do lots of fun things to help them find activities, sports and subjects that they enjoy and make them happy. This page will be the perfect place to catch up on all of the wonderful opportunities our children are given.

Mrs Johnston

I love teaching all subjects but especially science, sharing with the children how it impacts our daily life and helping them become enthusiastic future scientists. I strive to find the little spark in all children I teach and firmly believe that everyone has strengths and skills they can share with others. Year 4 is one of my favourite year groups to teach as now the children have settled into life at Monkwray they can really begin to flourish and find their own confidence. In my spare time, I enjoy watching rugby league, eating delicious food with my husband and spending time with my three children, taking them to all their fantastic sports clubs and hobbies.

Throughout the year, we will keep you updated on Class Dojo and let you know about the exciting learning that takes place in Year 4.