Sport Premium

At Monkwray, we have spent some of our allocated sports funding on the purchase of sportswear.


This has increased participation in sport and allowed our children to have pride when representing our school at local sporting events.

We have also used specialist coaches to work alongside our children during lunch times and after school.


As a result of this, our children are engaged with a wide range of sport during their breaks and after school.

The purchase of sports equipment and resources has enhanced our teaching and learning during lessons and after-school clubs.


This has enabled the children to gain confidence in using specialist equipment and improve their ability to complete sport related activities to a high standard.

At Monkwray, we strongly believe that we should give children the opportunity to experience different challenges. Therefore, we have purchased outdoor adventure days in the Lake District for all children to participate in.

The activities have included paddle boarding, orienteering, archery, ghyll scrambling, rock climbing, abseiling and problem solving.

Our children have also been able to participate in, skateboarding, scootering archery and wheelchair basketball.


These activities have allowed children to experience new and exciting sports, and to test their limits!

Proposed sporting activities

  • U-Dance club and competition
  • Netball club
  • Multi-sports club
  • Cricket club


There is an increase in the quality of PE taught within our school. This is evident through observations and feedback from staff and children.

Children are able to participate in a wider range of sports and activities. This is evident when speaking to the children about their experience of sports in our school.

The amount of sporting events and competitions that the children are participating in has increased compared to previous years.


These improvements are sustainable, as they are allowing all of our staff to witness and participate in teaching high quality PE lessons. Therefore, our staff will be able to deliver similar high quality teaching to our children throughout future PE and sports sessions.

Through our exciting sports related activities, our children are gaining a love of sport and competition. This love for sport will ensure that our children will continue to attempt and participate in different sporting activities in the future.

“We get to try new things and learn new skills. Also, it gets us out in the fresh air more”
Year 5 child.

“I like PE because we do different things, you do fun activities”
Year 3 child.