monkwray junior

“Be Brave, Be Bright, Be You!”

monkwray junior

"Be Bright, Be You!”

monkwray junior

"Be You!”

monkwray junior

"Be Brave, Be Bright"
Welcome to Monkwray Junior School

We would like to make sure that you know everything about our school so that both you and your child or children enjoy the time you spend at Monkwray Junior School. We hope the following pages will help you find everything you need, if not please feel free to contact us. We believe we are a friendly and welcoming school who want to work together to ensure the highest standards are achieved.

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Best attending classes 19/06/23
Class 1 – 93.7%
Class 2 – 93.3%
Class 3 – 99.2%
Opening Times
School Starts: 08:55am
Lunch Time: 12:15pm – 13:10pm
School Finishes : 15:15pm